Roadmaster Tires Available at Ward Tire

An Overview of Roadmaster Tires Brand

Roadmaster Tires Brand is a US-based tire manufacturing brand that offers you the super-finest quality Tires for both commercial trucks and Pickup vans. For the past 15 years, the Roadmaster brand has been committed to assisting fleets in reaching their destinations, regardless of the application or length of the road.

Roadmaster understands vehicles’ challenges on North American roads, and that knowledge is woven into every Roadmaster tire. Over time, the Roadmaster brand’s portfolio has grown to include nearly every trucking application, from long haul to regional, mixed service to pickup and delivery, and, most recently, school bus applications. Roadmaster has the tires to get you there no matter where your journey takes you!

Roadmaster tires can be found in the following locations:

Long haul – Roadmaster long haul truck tires offer retread-ability and extended treadwear, which can help you save money per mile on secondary routes. Not to mention plenty of traction in inclement weather.

Regional – Roadmaster regional tires are long-lasting and dependable and excel at frequent stopping, accelerating, and turning. They also have advanced traction technology that works in all conditions, offering rolling resistance.

Mixed Services – Roadmaster mixed services tires are built for off-road and on-road performance.

Pick-up & Delivery – The Roadmaster pickup and delivery tires have a long tread life and provide the necessary traction.

Bus – Roadmaster school bus tires are built to withstand all road conditions and come standard with curb guards to protect the sidewalls.

Tires under Roadmaster Brand

Roadmaster RM832 11/R22.5 144L

The RM832 EM is the latest SmartWay verified addition from Roadmaster, designed for the steer position in the long haul and on-highway applications. The RM832 EM tires are designed to provide long miles while minimizing fuel costs and providing the re-treatability your fleet requires by combining an innovative tread design with advanced compounding and a high tensile four-belt casing construction.

Roadmaster RM170 215/75R17.5 135/133L

The Roadmaster RM170 is a commercial vehicle highway terrain all-season tire. It was designed to be installed on all axle positions of the vehicle.

The tire provides excellent all-weather traction. The ribbed tread pattern and all-season tire compound improve dry, wet, and winter weather road grip. Even in colder temperatures, the compound maintains its flexible traction and prevents heat buildup during the drive. The ribbed pattern, combined with the V-shaped siping detail, improves road grip all year.

When driving through standing water, the wide circumferential grooves actively disperse water and slush from the footprint, effectively resisting hydroplaning.

Major Advantages of Installing Roadmaster Tires in your Heavy-duty Trucks

Roadmaster tires also come up in the Low profile range and have the following advantages:

  • They have better braking because they have larger rims and wider tires.
  • Better handling in both wet and dry conditions. They have a good grip, and side swaying is less noticeable.
  • Provide more traction than a standard type of tire.
  • Improves road feel, which means you can feel the road much more than in a car with standard tires.
  • They also improve your car’s cornering characteristics by allowing it to handle higher cornering forces and better steering performance.
  • They are generally attractive and add style to your vehicle’s appearance.

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