Tire Storage

Tire Storage

Tire Storage at Ward tires

What is Tire Storage?

Every automobile owner takes good care of their cars. They also make sure that their cars don’t have any scratches and that they are kept in good condition. When it comes to vehicle safety, they stowed it away in the garage’s cool surroundings. However, people rarely give the same thought to how they might store their tires.

Typical Tire Storing Tendencies

Many people don’t take tire storage seriously despite the fact that tires are crucial to a vehicle’s performance and safety.

The tires are tucked away wherever there is room for them.

This is not how tires should be stored. The tires must be stored in a manner so that nobody later complains about performance, visual deterioration, or loss of compound integrity.

Tires are thrown into the garage.

The area where tires are stored shouldn’t be damp or humid. The most crucial thing to know is that the car tire storage room should be well-ventilated and have a minimum circulation of air. Additionally, places where hazardous chemicals, oils, or grease are present are not appropriate storage locations for tires. Tire storage near reflective surfaces must also be completely avoided.

Tires are stacked outside.
 It is not a good idea to store tires on heat-absorbing surfaces like black asphalt. Adittionally, they must be stored away from direct sunlight. Tires should always be stored upright to avoid any form of distortion, according to the general rule.

The maintenance of the tires is crucial. They must be kept in a room that is cold, dry, and dark. Thankfully, there are numerous tire storage options on the market that make organizing and managing tire storage simple.

One of the easiest ways to avoid a DIY self storage conundrum is to seek out a professional tire storage solution. Many automotive shops that do tire swaps

Advantages of Storing Your Tires With Ward Tires?

When you decide to store your car tires, you need to consider three essential considerations: tire maintenance, space and security.

  1. Tire maintenance:

It is very important to use a proper tire storage system. Choosing to store your tires at an automotive shop like Ward Tires will ensure they are properly maintained.

For many of our shops, this simply isn’t true or possible. They are however inspected before storing to make sure the customer is notified that their tires may need to be replaced the following season, if they have uneven wear or if they are about to age out.

  1. Space saving

Storing your tires with the professionals is useful because they free up room for more practical, everyday purposes. Tires are difficult to transport, messy, and large, so it makes sense to store them at a different facility. When you store with Ward your tire change location keeps your tires safe for the following year. This offers a more practical way to transfer tires quickly and effectively throughout the year.

  1. Privacy storage

Additionally, tires are secure when kept in a self-storage facility. Theft of wheels is a problem, and tires are pricey. By using a self-storage unit, you may have peace of mind all year long.

You will also know that your tires are secure with these features like round-the-clock digital surveillance cameras, a central monitoring alarm system, and your own electronic access key.

Why Choose Ward Tires for your Car’s Tire Storage?
Ward Tires is a well-known tire repair and servicing shop for all your tire needs. They may provide the best vehicle tire storage units to maintain your car tires throughout the year if you’re looking for the best tire storage options. Ward Tires offer complete customer satisfaction with their best and cost-effective Tire storage services.