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Flat Tire Repair at Ward Tire

What is Flat Tire Repair?

A flat tire can be caused by a puncture or a sharp object that you run over causing the tire to leak air.  In the event that this happens, contact Ward Tire to help you get your tire repaired or replaced.  The tire repair procedure involves a complete process of finding and correcting the damage to the tire.

Why would your vehicle need tire repair?

There are numerous reasons you would have to take your vehicle in for tire repair.  A few of them are explained below:

Tire Tread

The tread of tires is what allows them to have a grip on the road. Lack of traction can be risky, particularly if you are traveling on snowy or rainy roads. Having inadequate tread might cause your car to slide and lose control.

Excess Vibration

There are positive and harmful vibrations that can be caused by your tires.  You shouldn’t disregard them if they are coming from your car.

What are some of the different tire repair options?

At Ward Tire, you can offer a variety of services for your automobile, including many tire repair options.  We aim to get you back on the road as soon as possible, with safety as a top priority. Some of the different tire repair options are:

Tire Sealant

The quickest way to fix a flat tire is with tire sealant. Like filling your tires, it entails sending a pressured sealing chemical via the valve stem and letting the sealant fill the puncture. Some sealants even include enough air within the container to also inflate the entire tire.

Only use tire sealants in an emergency; never think of them as a long-term fix.  If you have used a tire sealant, you should take your vehicle to a repair shop right after sealing the tire so that it may be thoroughly inspected and fixed or repaired.

Tire Plug

Another easy way to fix a flat tire is with a tire plug. In essence, the plug is a piece of thread covered in unvulcanized rubber.

To install a tire plug, remove the object that punctured the tire.  Next, ream the puncture opening to smooth it out and slightly widen it. The plug tool, a large needle-like instrument, is next used to insert the string into the hole. The plug tool should then be slightly pulled out, just enough to release it from the plug, and when removed, leaving the plug behind.

As soon as you start the car, the heat will cause the rubber to vulcanize, sealing the hole.

Tire Patch

Another technique used by certain vehicle repair companies to mend flat tires is an internal tire patch.

The tire must be removed from the wheel before the tire patch can be applied. The technician must carefully use a grinder to remove any burrs or stray steel belts and provide a rough surface for the patch to stick to.

After adhering the patch over the hole and smoothing it out with a little tool, the technician applies a patch sealant.

The advantage of a tire patch over a plug is that there is no chance of it flying out at high speeds. Additionally, because it completely encloses the hole and its surroundings, it produces a stronger seal.

Warning Signs that your Vehicle Needs Tire Repair Services

Although punctures are frequently to blame for flat tires, they are by no means the only cause. Here are some other causes and solutions.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor Leak

While not yet required, tire pressure monitoring devices are frequently seen on automobiles in Canada. A sensor that is linked to the valve stem inside each tire measures the tire pressure frequently.

The sensors’ O-rings and valve stems may degrade with time, leading to a leak. A professional may resolve this problem by taking the tire and sensor off, replacing the O-rings, and putting the tire and sensor back on.

Valve Stem Leak

The rubber valve stem, which is the stalk via which you fill your tires, might become broken or disintegrate over time, which can cause a leak. A tire service professional may resolve this by removing your tire, replacing the valve stem, and putting the tire back on.

Wheel Damage

On rare occasions, hitting a pothole too hard or colliding with a curb might cause the wheel to flex or shatter and cause a leak. A wheel expert may be able to resolve the problem in some circumstances. A new or good condition used wheel is typically the best option.

Core Benefits of Properly Inflated Tires

Financial advantages also come from having well-maintained tires. A set of properly inflated tires roll more evenly and smoothly. As a result, the car will get better gas mileage as it won’t have to use as much energy to power the uneven wheels. You may lessen the likelihood that you will need to repair or replace your tires in the future and drive safer overall if you maintain and keep them functioning like new.  It is best to get into a routine of regularly checking your tires and their pressure.

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