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all season tires

All Season Tires Available at Ward Tire

Vehicle safety is dependent on many factors, with tires being one of the main components.  There are several kinds of tires that can be installed on cars, SUVs or pickup trucks. Proper tire and vehicle checkups are required to get the best vehicle performance. This can be done with the help of a certified partner like Ward Tire. On this page, you will learn about All-season tires and their advantages.

What Do You Mean by All Season Tires?

All-season tires refer to the tread patterns and rubber components that make them suitable and best-suited for almost all vehicles in almost all weather. Such tires are appropriate for work in most seasons, from slippery rainy days, to harsh hot, and into the cool temperatures of late fall.

Although these tires are designed to withstand mild snow, most Canadian climates require swapping for a winter tire as soon as we begin experiencing winter conditions such as snow and ice. All-season tire rubbers are manufactured to maintain flexibility and pliability, up to temperatures of about 7 degrees celsius.

The sidewall of an all-season tire will usually have the letters M and S, which stand for mud and snow. An M+S or similar marking indicates that the tire’s tread pattern has grooves designed for mud and light snow.

In general, all-season tires do an excellent job of delivering convenience and reasonable performance in most driving conditions, but there are definite performance limitations, which we will touch on. Ward Tire has the best tire maintenance and installation services, making your car ready for any weather conditions.

Importance of All-season tires & vehicles that uses them

All-season tires play an important role in enhancing your vehicle’s safety performance. These tires hold a wide grip that gives your vehicle a different level of strength to run on the roads efficiently.

All-season tires may be used on every vehicle, including cars, trucks, SUVs, CUVs, vans, electric vehicles, and more. The most common tire type on Canadian automobiles is unquestionably all-season tires. There are all-season tires that will accommodate any vehicle.

At Ward Tire, you will receive the best treatment for your vehicle, whether you bring it in for a tire change, wheel balancing and more.

Key Advantages of Installing All-season Tires

Undoubtedly, All-season tires provide extra comfort and convenience to your vehicle. Along with that, it offers you numerous benefits for the betterment of your vehicle:

Good Handling in Most Conditions

The first prime benefit of using or installing all-season tires is that they offer you versatile performance in innumerable road conditions. Plus, these tires provide you with superb control, shorter stopping time on wet, dry or slick roads, and a great, well-rounded driving experience.

All-season tire technology offers a great mixture or blend of three season handling performance.

Great Tread Life

Numerous factors affect tire life, including the tire itself, the state of the automobile or truck, the types of roads driven on, tire pressure, and driving behaviors. For instance, driving at high speeds, hauling large loads, and suddenly braking all shorten tire life. All-season tires often have superior tread life. All-season tires typically have a lifespan of 50,000–70,000 kilometers, and sometimes even longer.


The third basic advantage of all-season tires is that they are quite affordable compared with high performance, specialty, or winter tires. Not only are the tires affordable, but they also offer better fuel efficiency and save your efforts at the gas pump. Schedule your visit at Ward Tire and they will help you select the best tires that meet your vehicle’s recommended size, speed rating and other specifications.

Quiet and Smooth ride.

It is most likely the sound of your tires you are hearing if you constantly hear a hum, screech, or whistle when traveling down the highway. Because there are so many different kinds of tread patterns, winter tires may be noisier.

Why Choose Ward Tire for All Season Tires and Vehicle Safety?

If you are looking to find the best and most satisfactory tire repair, maintenance and installation services near you, the search ends at Ward Tire. Our prime services include all automobile repair services, as well as tires from brands like Bridgestone and Michelin.  We make your vehicle our priority and will maintain it running at its optimal safety. Book an appointment with your tire specialist today.