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SUV and CUV Tires at Ward Tire

Family station wagons and minivans have been replaced by sport utility vehicles and crossover utility vehicles as part of the evolution of contemporary transportation. Since their introduction, SUVs and CUVs have continuously increased in popularity, and as they become more and more fuel-efficient, many drivers are choosing them as their vehicle of choice.

The latest fashion has been to equip vehicles with large wheels. For easier driving in icy conditions, some people prefer to install larger wheels on their cars during the year’s colder months.

To know more about SUVs and CUV Tires, read on.

What Are SUV Tires?

tires are the heart and Soul of your vehicle. Sport utility vehicles have some special kind of tires known as SUV Tires.

A Sports Utility Vehicle may be found in several models, including those that emphasize the “sports” component in particular, like the Porsche Cayenne, and those that emphasize the “utility” side, like the VW Amarok. These cars blend comfort and style effectively with off-road driving qualities, such as greater traction and flexible suspension.

All About CUV Tires

CUV is the abbreviation of Crossover Utility Vehicle that rules on the roads with its iconic design. The characteristics of an SUV and a hatchback are combined in this car. This vehicle type has rapidly increased in popularity in the past ten years.

CUV tires are designed to satisfy the handling and performance requirements of the SUV and CUV driver. They are made to guarantee that your car can go over whatever terrain you choose while still being smooth and comfy.

A few years ago, there was a noticeable difference between an SUV and a crossover. But now that technology has advanced, it is challenging to distinguish between the two. Thus, a CUV is sometimes called a “compact SUV”.

Benefits of Installing SUV and CUV Tires

SUVs are bigger than regular cars. Thus the tires differ in price, performance, durability, and other aspects. New SUV tires don’t cost much to install compared to their advantages.

Advantages of SUV Tires


Depending on the tread-wear grade, every new SUV tire comes with a safety cushion for around 100,000 kilometers of the vehicle’s lifetime! Newer tires also improve the vehicle’s functional maneuverability by optimizing braking, accelerating, and turning features. You can easily get new tires for more or less $400 every seven years, a little price to pay for a larger benefit like personal and other passenger safety and a pleasant driving experience.

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Increased Performance

The condition of an SUV tire determines how far the vehicle travels while coming to a sudden halt or even making a sharp bend while travelling quickly. They would decide how much force you apply to the engine and the whole automobile and whether you can stop quickly enough to maintain control of the vehicle.

Modern tires are becoming more and more performance-focused, environmentally friendly, and specifically made from stickier compounds with jagged or aggressive tread patterns for increased road traction or grip. Make sure the tire you choose performs by your driving style and the requirements of your car.

Better Mileage

The overall state of the tires has a significant influence on fuel economy. Due to the strength and pressure required for skimming the car smoothly, mileage would suffer if your current wheels wore out and had uneven tread.

Tires must be correctly installed, balanced, and inflated to the specified pressure limit for best results. Have the car checked out and aligned every time you replace a set of worn-out tires by a qualified mechanic.

Enhanced Traction and Road Grip

Driving performance on various roads and in various weather situations, such as snow, rain, dirt, and mud, depends on the tire composition, compound, and tread life. Although they are ideal for skimming easily over snow and muck, softer tires with thicker or stuffier tread patterns negatively influence mileage and driving efficiency.

Having two distinct SUV tire sets is essential if you reside in an area where all four seasons can be experienced. A set of all seasons and a set of winter tires  will ensure your safety and efficiency in a variety of weather situations.

Best Driving Experience in All

Larger and wider tires provide better cushioning while driving on city streets and muddy terrains since they contain more rubber compounds. It makes driving more comfortable, which makes for a great driving experience. To guarantee they have the best experience with the most comfort, off-road drivers frequently change their tires with larger ones.

Does It Matter What Kind of Tires You Buy?

It matters when it comes to buying tires for your vehicles. Yes. The performance of your SUV, CUV, or LT vehicle may be greatly improved by choosing the proper tires. For instance, using Ultra-High Performance summer tires on a light-duty vehicle would make it very difficult for you to tow and go off-road.

On the other hand, a sporty, high-performance car can become a touch less sporty if it has all-terrain or max traction tires. Then, look to your vehicle’s load-carrying capacity to ensure your new tires meet or exceed your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

In the end, there isn’t a particular tire for every type of car, particularly SUVs, CUVs, and LTs, because they all have a good level of adaptability regarding their highway and off-road skills.

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