Ultra High Performance Tires

ultra high performance tires

Ultra High-Performance Tires

There are numerous types of tyres, including summer, winter, all-season, touring, performance, and others. These are the tyre kinds that most of us are familiar with. However, the phrase “Ultra-High Performance,” sometimes known as a “UHP tyre,” is a little less well-known among the general public. However, it is a well-known obsession among the world’s a high-octane sports car and supercar scene.

This guide will inform you about Ultra High-Performance Tires in detail.

All about UHPT

Typically, Ultra-high performance tires are meant to handle the greater horsepower, boost high-performance driving and hand out sporty, responsive drive with outstanding traction. The UHP tyres can reach a staggering speed of 240–300 km/hr. Thanks to their exceptional abilities and endurance in harsh conditions.

Minimal-profile tyres with enhanced steering responsiveness and low rolling resistance are considered ultra-high performance and are intended for greater cornering and handling at triple-digit speeds. They are capable of 149 mph and higher because of their speed rating of V. The tyres are noted for providing smooth rides and are excellent for daily driving.

UHP tyres increase a car’s speed, grip, turn ability, and heat dissipation. The UHP tyres were initially only available for expensive sports vehicles. Due to public demand and changing circumstances, automakers worldwide now provide performance-tuned versions of their beloved cars that can be fitted with UHP tyres.

Types of UHP Tires

To cater for riders around the year& from every corner of the world, the UHP tires are made available under all categories, such as summer, winter and All-season.

Summer UHP Tires

The UHP tyres for hot summers perform well in dry and wet circumstances, emphasizing high-speed cornering. However, they tend to lose a little traction when the mercury levels decrease.

Winter UHP Tires

Under heated conditions, all-season tyres have somewhat less traction than summer tyres. On the plus side, they offer sufficient traction all year round in all weather conditions.

All-season UHP Tires

The tyres are best suited for all weather and offer somewhat less grip than summer tyres under warm settings. However, on the positive side, they offer appropriate traction in rest weather situations all year.

Michelin pilot sport A/S 3 plus

The tyre blends different degrees of dry and wet traction with mobility in cold and snowy conditions. It is comparable to one of the top UHP summer performance tyres, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport.

Development of UHP Tires

These performance tyres are designed to meet the high-performance demands of automotive engines and contain a cutting-edge silica rubber mix. The UHP tyres put their primary development efforts into three areas: tread design, compound, and construction for good handling, stability, and steering precision (grooves and blocks tactically placed for grip, control and shorter braking distances).

It has a broader tread to ensure high-speed safety and optimal traction on the road surface. To make room for bigger brakes, the rim is bigger than usual, and the sidewalls are thinner. This causes the aspect ratio to decrease, assuring better handling, control, and stability at high speeds.

Where can UHP Tires be used?

Occasionally, only track usage was permitted for ultra-high-performance tyres. However, the latest generation of contemporary UHP tyres may now be utilized on both the road and the racetrack due to technological advancements.

Benefits of UHP Tires

Installing Ultra High-performance tires on your cars or heavily loaded trucks provide you with numerous advantages:

Maximum safety to maximum performance

Cars that support UHP Tires

The UHP tyres are road legal in India. They can be spotted on high-end luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz GL Class, Mercedes Benz S Class, Rolls Royce Drophead, Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, BMW M Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW Gran Turismo, Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Vantage, BMW 6 Series, Nissan 370Z and others.

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