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Summer Tires Available at Ward Tire

The finest performance tire styles on the market now are summer tires. They do not just provide high-speed performance, though. See what this category of tires has to offer.

We’ve previously gone to great lengths on winter and all-season tires on the Priority Tire. So it’s time to consider what flexible summer tires offer.

What Are Summer Tires?

Summer tires are made specifically to be used in warm weather.

All-season and winter tires have a softer substance than summer tires. The harder compound of a summer tire allows it to endure the summer heat. Summer tires work best at these high temperatures, giving dry and wet surfaces the maximum traction.

How Do Summer Tires Work?

Summer tires function by enhancing traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Because they are composed of a stronger material, they can withstand warmer weather and endure less wear in these circumstances. Additionally, summer tires have thinner tread depths, which enhance their efficiency and performance.

It’s not fully accurate to say that summer tires have excellent grip ratings and are comprised of very soft rubber. This is because summer tires feature shallower tread depths which help improve their lateral performance & cornering ability. However, the harder compound found helps reduce the rolling resistance, which again assists you in boosting fuel economy.

Summer tires provide excellent levels of responsiveness and accuracy since they are constructed of tougher compositions. You’ll find that your automobile seems more sensitive to your inputs while driving in warm weather with summer tires. This is due to the tires’ ability to offer improved traction in dry and wet conditions.

When summer and winter tires are placed side by side, the winter tire will feel more malleable. This is so that they may be used in various regions and temperatures, as each type of tire operates best in a certain range of temperatures.

When Should You Use Summer Tires?

Summer tires should be utilized when it’s warm outside, and the roads are either dry or wet. They are not intended for use in cold weather. For use in these circumstances, winter tires are a superior option.

Usually, light trucks, SUVs, and passenger automobiles utilize summer tires. However, they could not deliver the same degree of performance as specialized ultra-high-performance tires when used on performance cars.

You may use summer tires all year long if you reside somewhere with warm temperatures all year long. You will need to switch to winter tires, though, if you reside somewhere where the weather varies frequently.

Advantages of Summer Tires

Summer tires have ample advantages as compared with other types. On both dry and rainy roadways, they boost traction, enhancing safety. Summer tires are also more accurate and responsive than other tire types.

Performance cars might also benefit from summer tires. This is because summer tires, as opposed to all-season and winter tires, offer improved handling and sensitivity, improving vehicle performance and creating a more thrilling driving experience.

Even while each tire has a different level of road noise depending on its special qualities, summer tires are often quieter than all-season alternatives. This is due to the fact that summer tires often feature less tread “slits” and sipes, which lessens pattern noise. Summer tires are particularly popular with hybrid and electric vehicles since they lack engine sounds to mask the noise that your car creates when rubber touches pavement.

Summer tires may be just what you’re searching for if a quiet, comfortable ride is vital to you.

Disadvantages of Summer Tires

There are a few drawbacks to summer tires as well. If you reside in a region with seasonal weather variations, you will need to switch to winter tires as the temperature begins to drop since they are not designed to be used in cold weather conditions.

Since summer tires are not as durable as all-terrain or mud-terrain tires, they are rarely used on off-road vehicles.

Best Summer Tires at Ward Tires

Your ideal summer tires will mostly rely on your needs and tastes. The kind of car you drive, the weather, and your budget are a few things you might want to think about.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

The most widely used and effective summer tire has become the standard to which all other summer tires must strive. It offers the greatest performance of a summer tire currently on the market in dry and wet conditions.

Pirelli P Zero

This tire is designed specifically for high-performance vehicles and provides excellent traction, steering feels and handling on dry roads.

Nexen N FERA

Our suggestion for those on a tight budget is the Nexen N FERA. This tire, which just launched, offers superb all-around summer traction and handling on dry and wet roads thanks to its newly developed tire grooves.

Summer tires are a great choice for many drivers. But before you buy, consider the type of vehicle you have, your driving conditions, and your budget. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a summer tire that’s perfect for you.

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