Motor Vehicle Inspections

motor vehicle inspections

Motor Vehicle Inspections Available at Ward Tire

What Is a Motor Vehicle Inspection?

A motor vehicle inspection, or safety, is done by a qualified, independent third party that provides relevant information prior to making a purchase agreement. Professionals can do it thoroughly with the vehicle’s parts and paperwork.

The prospective buyer hires a qualified inspector to check the target vehicle for flaws, hidden damage, maintenance history, and safety. The evaluator then typically delivers a written evaluation report. The service provides factual information that the potential customer utilizes to support their decision to acquire a vehicle. The evaluator does not make a purchase recommendation unless the car is dangerous to drive.

Why Is a Motor Vehicle Inspection Important?

A motor vehicle inspection’s main objective is to compile accurate information on the vehicle’s state. The evaluator typically examines the car at the moment of sale. Usually, a brief road test is included. Inspections are carried out with the seller’s consent. During the inspection, the buyer may be present or absent.

In Alberta,  the following circumstances require a vehicle inspection before car insurance coverage is issued:

Out of Province Vehicle Inspections

Before issuing licence plates, vehicles registered outside of Alberta must pass an examination.

Salvage Vehicle Inspections

A licenced inspection technician must conduct a salvage vehicle inspection in a licenced inspection facility on any vehicles declared salvage by an insurance carrier.

What Are the Methods of Motor Vehicle Inspection?

There are two kinds of motor vehicle inspections: self-inspections and third-party inspections. 

Self Inspection

When able to purchase, the buyer undertakes a self-inspection to determine the vehicle’s condition. The self-inspection option is simple but more dangerous than hiring a professional inspector. 

Third-party Inspection

The vehicle inspection is carried out by a certified professional motor vehicle inspector or by an organization on behalf of the buyer under the third-party inspection, which can offer considerably more accurate and trustworthy information about the vehicle’s condition.

What Are the Advantages of a Motor Vehicle Inspection?

Car inspections are essential for ensuring vehicle safety and avoiding the need for costly repairs. The primary advantages of an automobile inspection are listed below:

Peace of Mind

A proactive measure to lower your odds of breaking down while driving or getting stuck somewhere is to put the time and money into a car inspection. Knowing that your automobile is in good working order gives you confidence that you and your passengers will be safe and that car trouble won’t disrupt your daily schedule.

Cost-Efficient for the Long Run

Over time, many automotive problems accumulate. This implies that they can be discovered and remedied before they become serious problems. These minor issues, though, aren’t always simple to spot. 

An experienced and qualified technician’s check of the car can find any problems early on before they cause loud noises or functional lapses. Although vehicle check ups can be expensive, they will save you a lot of money by catching minor faults early.

How Does Ward Tire Perform This Service?

Automobile inspections can be considered a preventative measure. Still, they should also be performed before a road trip, immediately following an accident (no matter how minor), and before buying a used car. A pre-purchase examination can provide a professional assessment of the systems and components of the car. 

For instance, checking a used car’s tires, engine, hoses, belts, and other crucial engine components can be the difference between paying the car’s asking price and investing endlessly in repairs.

Ward Tire offers the best customer service along with the best auto repair. They have specialists who provide amazing service without trying to upsell you on unnecessary services or repairs.

If you are looking for a motor vehicle inspection, or any other vehicle service, look no further and get in touch with Ward Tire today.