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Specialty Tires

What are Trailer Tires or Specialty Tires?

Special Trailer ties are typically defined as tires with a thicker sidewall design with several purposes. First of all, the thicker sidewall permits you for a heavier load-bearing capacity. After that, the thicker sidewall helps avoid trailers or heavy-duty trucks from swaying as they travel down the road, boosting their efficiency and drifting at higher speeds.

Special trailer tires often have a symmetric tread pattern with a strong center rib to increase roadway stability, traction and wear. Twin steel belts with higher rim diameters and nylon cord reinforcement (belt edge strips or full-width cap ply), which further stabilizes the tread and increases longevity, are most frequently seen in their internal constructions.

Key specifications of Trailer or Specialty Tires

Of course, not all trailers are equal. Numerous cargos will require super-efficient trailer tires. Such type of tires is best-suited or appropriate for long utility trucks or heavy-duty trucks

They give smooth performance when dealing with construction materials. Their load and speed durability are also vital for various cargo hauling. So they have some different types

Based on the specifications, Trailer tires can be entitled beneath:

Boat Trailer Tires

Boat hauling requires both stability and durability. Trailer owners should factor in heavy-load capability, fewer trailers swaying and improved driving stability because these models function similarly to trip trailer tires. The tires will be a great option if they possess these qualities.

Fifth Wheel and Travel Trailer Tires

Special trailer tires that function more safely are required for fifth-wheel and trip trailers. These trailers need tires that are stable, fuel-efficient, and have a minimal wobble. Rolling resistance is reduced, while stability increases when sturdy ribs and shallow grooves work together to maximize their surface contact.

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