Tire Balancing

tire balancing

Tire Balancing at Ward Tire

What Is Tire Balancing?

Tire balancing, also known as Wheel balancing, refers to installing or mounting the wheel & tire assembly with the help of a special wheel balancer machine. This machine is used to check the weight of the tires and whether the wheels are balanced.

After that, the machine indicates how to correct the unnecessary weight distribution in the wheels & tires to eliminate the excessive vibration and damage to the suspension, wear and tear of tires and other problems.

A professionally trained mechanic or technician mounts your wheel and tire assembly effectively onto a tire balancing machine at the tire balancing service. Then, the machine spins the wheel & tire assembly to examine the errors or amount of imbalance.

Once the mechanic gets all the details, He mounts your wheel and tire assembly onto a tire balancing machine. After that, the technician can install the correct wheel weights to balance the tires and wheels of vehicles properly.

Why Do Tires Need Balancing?

Wheel balance and alignment frequently occur concurrently, although they are two different services. A vehicle’s steering and suspension angles are adjusted during alignment; the tires or wheels are not balanced.

Tire balancing becomes an important pointer when it comes to the safety and integrity of the vehicles. That’s why it sounds great and important. But have you ever wondered why you need this service for your vehicle? Proper Balancing of your tires may offer different benefits, such as:-

  • Hassle-free ride
  • Less wear and tear on the tires
  • The lesser strain on the drive train
  • Excellent gas mileage
  • Fewer vibrations and noises

Your automobile tires losing their integrity over time is completely normal and expected. This is fairly clear, given that they will become unbalanced due to tread wear. As a result of tread deterioration, your tire will start to lose equilibrium and the proper distribution of weight.

When your tires lose their proper balance, you’ll start to feel a vibration and shaking while you drive, which may be quite annoying and unpleasant.

Tire balancing is thus the most effective solution to such problems. In addition to eliminating vibration and noise, having your tires balanced by a professional will improve ride comfort, fuel economy, and vehicle performance.

Several Types of Tire Balancing

Numerous types of Tire Balancing exist depending on the shop and the needs of the tire.

Static Tire Balancing

This centers on balancing the tires while the wheel is stationary or resting. If a wheel had a static balance, it would revolve to the lowest possible point when mounted on a wheel balancer. However, if the wheel is put on the wheel balancer and is evenly balanced, it will continue to rotate.

According to the laws of physics, static tire balance exposes the wheel to a vertical hit, which is harsher at high speeds. It could happen if the tire has dense areas on one side. This can cause the tire to wear down faster and have a gouging effect that could cause scalloping or a cup on that specific tread area.

Additionally, a static tire imbalance might result in vibrations, which can hasten the tire’s wear. Additionally, it might result in static friction, which can scrape the tire tread surface around.

Dynamic Tire Balancing

With dynamic balancing, the wheel and tire are rotated at around 15-25 km/h or 90-100 km/h while being fastened to a machine. The imbalance on the tire is then detected by sensors, along with the locations where counterbalances ought to be installed while the tire rotates.

Counterbalancing weight on both sides of the wheel is the best remedy for such tire imbalance. You must be aware that your wheel may have a static balance rather than a dynamic balance.

When the counterweight is placed on one side of the wheel when it is stationary, the wheel will not be balanced when it is moving.

Signs or Indications Your Vehicle Needs Tire Balancing

It may be a clue that your tires need to be balanced if the wear on your tires is uneven. The same could apply if you feel a vibration in the seat, floorboard, or steering wheel.

You can determine if the front or rear wheels need to be balanced by where you’re automobile shakes. If your steering wheel vibrates, your front tires can be a problem. But if the seats start to vibrate, the back tires probably need to be adjusted.

Other sources may also cause a vibration. It is recommended to have your car inspected by a qualified mechanic if you observe any of the indicators above.

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