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Vehicle Parts & Accessories at Ward Tire

Today, many people resort to purchasing auto parts online; however, at Ward Tire we provide access to best-in-class products that help to outfit your vehicle just the way you want. In order to provide you with the greatest items at reasonable prices, we have partnered with suppliers of significant brand names in addition to supplying a number of private brands.

Grilles or Grill Guards

The grille of a truck or a Jeep may appear to the untrained eye to be nothing more than an ornamental item placed on the front of trucks to conceal the engine. A grille, however, is more complex than first appears. A vehicle’s grille allows air to pass into the engine compartment, allowing for cooling of the engine and preventing overheating of your truck. Additionally, it protects the radiator by serving as the first line of defence against rocks and other objects that could damage this vital component of the car. The grille may also serve as a safety feature by being a part of the crumple zone on your truck or Jeep.

Swapping out the OEM grille on your vehicle for an aftermarket product gives you the power to prioritize the look and safety of your vehicle.

Cargo Racks

The cargo racks, or truck racks, which attach to the back of pickup trucks, are a priceless supply of storage space. A truck rack can increase the quantity of goods that can be transported by two or even three times by offering additional levels to stack items like ladders, construction supplies, and garbage. Truck racks are ideal for a construction crew since they can hold and move big quantities of paint, lumber, or roofing supplies.

In the case of a rollover, a truck rack also offers additional safety for the vehicle’s back in the form of window protection and rollover protection. Truck racks are sturdy enough to withstand tension and traumatic blows without crumpling, but they are also lightweight enough to not put additional load on the truck.

Lift Kits

Most truck or jeep owners who raise their vehicles do so for aesthetic reasons. Lift kits increase the distance between the axles and the car’s body. For instance, they permit drivers to fit larger wheels and tires on their cars. Additionally, a suspension lift kit increases ground clearance, the distance between the driving surface and the vehicle’s frame.

Adding a lift kit to your truck or SUV allows you to tackle more aggressive terrain when off-roading and provides a better view when driving on any terrain.

Hitches and Other Towing Supplies

Today’s market offers a wide variety of trailer styles, and with that, hitching mechanisms. There are two types of trailer hitching systems: bumper-pull hitches and in-bed hitches. Bed-mounted hitches are the best option for greater overall stability and the ability to tow bigger loads. Bumper pull is the sole option for people towing smaller trailers or SUVs who are unable to haul a gooseneck or fifth-wheel trailer.

If you are looking for a specific towing mechanism for your vehicle, speak with the service advisors at your local Ward Tire. We’ll help you determine what will work best for your needs.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers are undoubtedly quite aesthetically pleasing, as we can all agree. They cover the exposed unclean box and add a touch of class to the appearance of your truck. However, a tonneau cover has advantages that go far beyond its cosmetic value.

The protection of the object you are hauling is the tonneau’s most evident advantage. There is no safer method to secure your load, whether it is equipment for a hard day at work, baggage for a family vacation, or a bed full of mulch this spring. Any element that crosses your path can be protected against by a tonneau cover, including rain, snow, and wind.

With a tonneau cover, you can prevent theft, misplaced or damaged cargo, and poor gas mileage. Additionally, it will safeguard your truck’s bed and aid in avoiding significant harm that would typically need repairs.


Off-road bumpers are a great addition to any four-wheel drive vehicle, whether it’s used to navigate easy gravel roads in the country or tough off-road trails.

Aftermarket truck bumpers are one of the few items that truly define a truck’s design. After all, your truck’s bumper serves as its “image.” To improve the appearance and functionality of your truck, Ward Tire offers a variety of aftermarket truck bumpers.

It’s not just for show. If you spend more time on trails, a replacement truck bumper can give you a stable mounting point for a winch and preserve your pricey grilles and headlamps.


Do you want to improve the appearance and performance of your car? Upgrade your vehicle with aftermarket wheels.

One of the easiest ways to give your car a fresh, personalized look is by choosing a new set of rims and wheels. It is among the best strategies to make your automobile, truck, or SUV stand out from the crowd. You can choose from an endless number of different wheel options, so you are sure to discover the ideal pair for your personal preferences.

If you are looking for a new set of wheels for your vehicle, be sure to check out the options available through Ward Tire.


It’s possible that there are still some areas for development even when a car is well-made by the manufacturer. When it comes to horsepower and torque, this is particularly true. The manufacturer of your car may have done an excellent job designing a safe and useful car, but that doesn’t always imply the exhaust system has been fully optimized. A common practise among car owners is installing customized exhaust systems.

There are certain important choices you must make as you think about personalising your car’s exhaust system. The first is the kind of “bend” that is employed, which is the system’s exact shape. The “crush bend” used by the majority of factory-made devices and some aftermarket ones is actually crimped and can impede air flow rather than release it. A mandrel bend can significantly widen the path that exhaust gases can take.

The system’s composition is another choice to be made. Mild steel, which is frequently used by manufacturers, can degrade with time. The durability can be greatly increased by using stainless steel and aluminized steel, which are more popular in aftermarket systems. They frequently last the entire life of the car.

Upgrade Your Accessories with Ward Tire

If you are looking to purchase new accessories or upgrade certain parts on your vehicle, look no further than Ward Tire. Our locations are experienced in upgrades that help your vehicle perform at its peak. Call to speak with a service advisor or stop by your local location for more information on how we can help you upgrade your ride.