Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

EV Tires at Ward Tires

The evolution of mobility as we know it is driven by electric and hybrid vehicles with minimal emissions. This indicates that additional information about the cutting-edge tires that keep them moving toward an emission-free future is necessary.

Although we don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel, we need to concentrate on specific parts of the tire to guarantee the best performance for electric vehicles. The tire-related needs might range from negligible to considerable, depending on the vehicle.

Discover how manufacturers have innovated tires to meet the needs of the electric era and how tire specifications are evolving.

What are EV Tires?

Electric vehicle tires are a special type of tire that promotes energy efficiency and sustainability. If drivers want to take full benefit of the EV, they must focus on acquiring economical yet efficient tires, as well as lightweight yet durable tires.

Benefits of EV Tires

Undoubtedly, the emergence of electric vehicles in Canada and different parts of the World gives a new light on the Automobile Industry. Here is why EV tires are important and how they are different from regular tires.

Noise Reduction

EVs don’t have an engine. Driving them makes almost no noise. Therefore, to preserve the serenity of the ride, one of the most crucial criteria of an EV tire is that it suppresses road noise as much as possible. Sound-absorbing foam and rubber compositions and unique tread patterns can be used in design and production to reduce tire noise.

Withstands Heavyweight

The weight of EVs is typically 10–20% more than their internal combustion engine equivalents, and EV tires are designed to tolerate this weight. Because EV-specific tires are designed to sustain the increased load, they are crucial for achieving the best performance. Regular tires would wear out more quickly if an EV ran on them.

Strong Traction

As EVs accelerate quickly and produce a lot of power as soon as the driver presses the accelerator, EV tires must also have better grip, steering, and braking capabilities. EV tires are made with interlocking grooves in the tread pattern to minimize hydroplaning. They account for the increased torque and a special stiff and broad center rib pattern to eliminate potential slippage and bulges.

Higher Durability

Additionally, certain tire formulations are required to handle the special driving characteristics of an EV. Compounds including raw elements, such as high-loading resin and silica mined from natural resources, are essential to creating tire solutions tailored for electric vehicles.

The stronger and more durable compound, which has intrinsic durability enhancements, supports an EV’s power delivery and driving characteristics better than standard compositions.

Key Requirements Good EV Tires Need

A decent electric car tire must meet certain specifications due to its variations. Let’s go into detail on a few below:

Tire Wear

An electric vehicle’s weight, torque, and braking system place special demands on the tires. They must have even wear and be able to tolerate extreme temperatures without degrading.

Optimal Grip

Increased inertia caused by the extra weight results in a greater stopping distance. The tires must be able to maintain a firm grip in slick circumstances.

Low Rolling Resistance

Low rolling resistance is required because of the characteristics of strong immediate torque, higher weight, desire for a long-range, and reduced emissions. EV tires ought to provide comfortable, effective, and low-impact riding.

Major Benefits of Installing EV Tires on Your Electric Vehicles:

Lower Running Costs

The running cost of an electric vehicle is much lower than an equivalent gas powered or diesel vehicle. Electric vehicles charge their batteries instead of using fossil fuels like gas or diesel. Electric vehicles are more efficient, which, combined with the electricity cost, is cheaper than filling a vehicle with gas or diesel for your travel requirements.

Zero Percent Emission Rate

Driving an EV with the best-quality electric vehicle tires can help you reduce your carbon footprint and promote zero percent emissions.

Enhanced Performance

Worn-out tires have no treads remaining on them and reduce vehicle performance. As a result, you will need to work more since the automobile will demand more power to brake. In addition, in the event of an emergency, the car will take a long time to come to a complete stop. Overall, the automobile may cause accidents. Consider obtaining new tires if you want your car to perform better.

Ensured Safety

Safety is the most important factor everyone should keep in mind when shopping for new EV tires. New tires keep you and your passengers safe when driving long distances, regardless of tire quality and road conditions. When you buy brand-new tires and treat them well, they will last a long time.

Gives Better Traction

New tires are optimal when stopping, moving, and turning a vehicle. They feature the greatest tread designs and are beneficial for improving traction on the road. Therefore, a fresh pair of tires will prevent skids and slides even in water, mud, or dirt.

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