Auto Repair Financing

auto repair financing

Auto Repair Financing at Ward Tire

Do you find it difficult to pay for unforeseen auto repairs? Lack of funds might make it difficult for you to pay for emergency car repair, which could cause various problems on a personal and professional level.

However, you may get back on the road by gradually paying for expensive repairs with vehicle repair loans. Here are details on eligibility for a vehicle repair loan, common specifications, and other options.

What Is Auto Repair Financing?

Typically, auto repair financing refers to a loan designed to cover all your vehicle repair costs and genuine maintenance. A vehicle repair loan may be useful in this situation. You can employ auto repair loans, such as personal loans, title loans, payday loans, or payday alternative loans (PAL), to pay for the repairs to your car.

These loans come with their conditions, including different return schedules, interest rates, and fees. They can be secured or unsecured.

Covered Under Auto Repair Loans:

Brake replacement parts and labour

Tire replacement

Parts and labour to pass an emissions inspection

Powertrain system repairs

Your insurance policy does not cover damage from a car crash

Easy Monthly Payments at Ward Tire

Ward Tire offers easy monthly payments to help our customers manage the cost of their tire and auto repair services. We understand that unexpected expenses can be difficult to manage, so we offer flexible payment plans that fit our customers’ budgets. Here are some benefits of using Ward Tire’s easy monthly payments:

Quick and Easy Application Process: Applying for financing with Ward Tire is quick and easy. You can apply online or in-store and get a decision instantly.

Manageable Payments: With easy monthly payments, you can break up the cost of your auto repairs or new tires into manageable payments. This makes it easier to budget and plan for the expense, rather than having to pay for everything upfront.

Flexible Terms: Ward Tire offers a variety of financing options with flexible terms to fit our customers’ needs. You are instantly approved for a 36-month repayment term and there are no penalties or costs associated with making lump sum payments or paying off your loan early.

No Hidden Fees: Ward Tire is transparent about our financing options and does not charge any hidden fees. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and what your monthly payments will be.

Peace of Mind: With easy monthly payments, you can get the auto repairs or new tires you need without worrying about the immediate cost. This can give you peace of mind and help you feel more confident about your vehicle’s safety and reliability.

Utilize Ward’s Easy Monthly Payment Program to cover costs of repairs and maintenance without the assistance or your bank or credit card. Our Program offers quick and easy approval with no credit checks. Loan values are based on the black book value of your vehicle. To learn what your loan amount is, click here!

What Can An Auto Repair Loan Cover?

These loans often cover everything needed to fix your car as far as coverage is concerned. Changing your transmission, getting new tires, and fixing a cracked windshield are all possible options. Technically, you could utilize this for improvements like new interiors or wheels. The high interest rates, though, could make it a bad decision. Only use this selection for urgent or significant repairs.

Get Auto Repair Financing at Ward Tire

If you require auto repair financial funds, get in touch with the professionals of Ward Tire. Here you can get the best financial advice for automotive repair to get your vehicle running smoothly again. Apply today to better manage your wallet and vehicle maintenance.