Greatway Tires Available at Ward Tire

All about Greatway Tire Company

Greatway Tire is a Tire manufacturing brand that is the sub-brand of Super Tire Inc. This brand designs and produces tires for numerous applications. Their tire model lineup consists of Commercial, Agricultural & Industrial tires.

Plus, these tires guarantee first-rate durability with high-driving safety levels during their performance. Their brand offers reliable and good quality tires for sale on the tire market. Super Tire Inc. continues to roll out the tires America wants.

Are Greatway Tires good?

Greatway Tires are vital in improving your vehicle’s safety, performance, efficiency, and mileage. These tires are good due to these factors:

  • Highly durable
  • Rough & Tough
  • Smoother riding experience
  • Exceptional Mileage

Different varieties of Greatway Tires

Greatway Tires come in several different varieties. A few of them are:

Greatway DA801

  • Broad and deep tread design
  • Deliver a smooth and consistent wear
  • Efficient traction on wet and dry road

Greatway DS968

  • Wide straight grooves provide exceptional water evacuation for wet traction
  • Cross sipe in intermediate ribs ensure enhanced traction and longer life
  • Equal rib distribution lead to tread scrubbing resistance

Greatway DD335

  • Wider tread, deeper groove, and special compound mean improved tire life.
  • Wider crown and enhanced rib reinforcement ensure resistance of irregular wear.
  • Variable pitch design help to reduce noise

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