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An Overview: The Camso Brand

Camso is the result of the merger of two companies, which combined their expertise, vision, and beliefs into a single brand. Camoplast was founded in 1982 to develop improved snowmobile tracks. Over the last two decades, this knowledge has been applied to developing ATV and UTV track systems, construction, towing and payload capacities, and agricultural and tracking systems.

Solideal began manufacturing solid tires in Sri Lanka in 1984 to produce tires close to the source of raw materials and bring solid tires to market that provide a better solution for the daily usage that forklifts face. Camoplast Solideal was formed when both companies merged in 2010.

The brand also specializes in off-road tires, wheels, rubber tracks, and track systems for material handling, construction, agriculture, and power sports industries. Our high-performance products are specifically designed to meet the unique mobility needs of each application in the off-highway vehicle market.

Their main focus is to cater to the Off-roading and Agricultural industries.

Products Under the Camso Brand

Camso 4L 13 Bias

A comfortable ride with improved traction. Excellent versatility and durability in on- and off-road applications. Reduces vibrations for improved driving comfort while providing excellent off-road traction

Camso 4L R1

The unrivaled traction. This tire provides excellent stability and sides impact resistance in any off-road situation. A multi-purpose tire with excellent traction.

Camso ADT 753R (Radial)

High traction meets radial effectiveness. A high-quality and adaptable solution for tough articulated dump truck applications. It’s an excellent solution for a wide range of surface morphology because it combines excellent traction, stability, and durability.

Camso AWP 583S (SOLID)

Performance and value without compromise. A heavy-duty telehandler tire solution that eliminates flats and has a fully predictable lifetime provides optimal stability, traction, and value.

Camso BHL 530 (BIAS)

Provides dependable performance and quality for tough backhoe applications. You can rely on this all-purpose steer tire on various surfaces for excellent stability and improved operator solace.

Camso BHL 732

Best off-road traction and durability. The ultimate mixed soft surface backhoe tire solution. Deepest traction treads with enhanced protective features to maximize durability in softer conditions.

Camso CMP 533

Compaction performance and durability solution. Designed to provide heavy-duty compaction performance and durability. Enhances side-impact resistance and minimizes both ground pressure and damage when used in paving applications.


The best track for durability and performance. Count on enhanced durability and excellent traction to maximize your uptime on heavy-duty applications.

Pros of Using Camso Tires for Your Tractors and Trucks

Installing Camso Tires on your commercial heavy duty truck, pickup truck, or a tractor loader can be a good value for  your money investment. As it has the following advantages:

More Rubber – The SD rubber track has more rubber per square inch when measured. That means more usage and durability.

Increased Control – Give your compact loader more control even in difficult terrain. A larger footprint means improved maneuverability and stability on uneven terrain.

Advanced Rubber Compound – Provides even wear, longer, more predictable usage cycles, and longer tread life.

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