AMERISTEEL Tires Available at Ward Tire

An Overview of AMERISTEEL Tires

The AMERISTEEL brand of General Tire offers a complete line of long haul and regional haul drive, steer, and all-position commercial truck tires. This line of tires is designed to be highly affordable while still delivering excellent traction, wear resistance, and overall performance. They are manufactured in the United States from the best materials.

Different kinds of AMERISTEEL Tires:

  • All AMERISTEEL commercial tire models are durable and fuel-efficient to reduce tire replacement costs and overall fleet operating costs.
  • AMERISTEEL S380A long haul steer tire incorporates a decoupler groove that extends tread life and offers consistent performance in over-the-road applications.
  • AMERISTEEL D460 long haul/regional drive tire offers flexible, long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • AMERISTEEL S360 all position design offers robust performance and competitive abrasion resistance.
  • AMERISTEEL D450 drive tire design delivers optimal traction for those customers needing an open shoulder design.

Highlights of General AMERISTEEL D460

The General AMERISTEEL D460 is an all-season highway tire designed for commercial vehicles, from light trucks to heavy duty trucks. This model is designed specifically for the vehicle’s drive axle.

This model provides consistent traction. Its detailed tread pattern and all-season rubber blend help it grip the road surface in wet, dry, and winter conditions. The tread has a lot of biting edges thanks to the laterally siped shoulder and center ribs.

These tread elements improve tire traction in both the summer and the winter. They allow the tire to perform well and ensure safe driving throughout the year. The circumferential grooves keep the footprint clean by channeling water, slush, and snow away.

These tires are built to last, with a flat footprint that evens out tread wear. Its tread design maximizes the road-to-rubber ratio of the tire. Because of its constant contact with the asphalt, the tire can distribute the load and driving pressure evenly across the footprint.

The tread distributes cornering, acceleration, and braking forces. Treadwear becomes slower, and irregular wear formations are highly unlikely. The rubber compound is also wear-resistant, which significantly increases tread life.

The tread design and the strengthened internal structure increase the tire’s durability significantly. It encourages the use of a full steel belt construction, which prevents the tire from deforming. It can withstand massive loads and driving pressures while maintaining its optimal shape.

The load-carrying capacity of the tire allows it to handle heavy loads. The AMERISTEEL D460 is an excellent choice for long-distance applications due to its even pressure distribution and reinforced structure.

Key Specifications

  • Season: All Season
  • Sidewall BSW: Black Side Wall
  • Type: Commercial
  • Size: 11R22.5
  • Load Range: H (16 Ply)
  • Performance: Highway
  • Section Width: 11

Core Specifications

  • All Season Traction
  • Improved Controllability
  • Enhanced Durability

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