Michelin Commercial Tires at Ward Tire

All about Michelin Tire Brand

When we talk about commercial tires for trucks and passenger buses, only some brands are available in the market. But among all, Michelin tops the list.

Michelin has honoured over 30 awards for outstanding customer service over the past years. That means when you choose Michelin. It means you’re getting more than a great tire; you’re also getting second-to-none customer service.

Michelin is a pioneer in commercial truck tire innovation, partly thanks to its single tire models with a broad base. They are also leaders in retread technologies, so it’s no surprise that more than two million Michelin X one tires are currently on the road.

Some of their well-known commercial tire models include the Michelin XZY3 Retread, the Michelin XDY-1 Pre-Mold Retread, and the Michelin XT-1 AT Pre-Mold Retread.

Every Michelin commercial truck tire is designed to keep your drivers safe while increasing your bottom line. Michelin can constantly adapt and evolve due to rigorous research and development.

Types of Commercial or Truck Tires under Michelin

Michelin offers different types of tires for commercial trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. A few of them are:

Max Traction Truck Tires

All-terrain Truck Tires

If you understand you’ll be driving in especially tricky conditions, you’ll need a set of tires specifically designed for the task. On the other hand, if you use your truck for everything from daily commuting to annual adventures, you’ll need highly adaptable all-terrain tires.

All-terrain tires are both challenging and versatile. They transition seamlessly (relatively quietly) from dry highways to snow-covered roads and muddy trails.

Highway Truck Tires

Michelin’s best models of tires give your vehicle a new look and enhance the overall mileage of your Trucks. Their build quality is excellent, with toughness that allows you to run on the car perfectly.

Why do you need Michelin Commercial Tires?

Michelin offers you the best and super-finest quality Tires for Commercial vehicles. Here are some of the factors-

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Less wear & tear
  • Sustainable

Significant advantages of Installing Michelin Tires to your Tires

MICHELIN manufactures truck tires for high mileage, traction, and fuel efficiency. MICHELIN, founded in 1889, is a long-standing tire manufacturer with a history of developing high-quality tires that provide the performance fleet managers and company drivers require.

Selecting Michelin also means committing to a suite of premium services designed to boost your company’s productivity and performance, such as pressure management, maintenance and support solutions, and a slew of new connected tire technology developments.

Take advantage of Michelin’s innovative services, whether you are an operator, fleet manager, HGV, bus, or construction site driver, or if you work in freight or people transport, agriculture, mining, quarry management, or any other industrial profession: practical tools to help you in your day-to-day business activities, save you time, and maximize and keep closer control of your organization’s costs, while also making your operations safer.

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