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JK Tyre

JK Commercial Tires Offered at Ward Tire

A detailed overview of the JK Tire Brand

JK Tire & Industries Ltd, the JK Organization’s flagship company, is one of India’s leading tire manufacturers and ranks among the top 25 in the world. JK tire has been at the forefront of driving innovation and excellence in the tire industry for the past 40 years by introducing ground-breaking technologies and products that cater to diverse business segments in the automobile industry.

The Company produced the first radial tire in 1977 and is currently the market leader in the Truck Bus Radial segment. In 2019, the Company made history by entering the prestigious Limca Book of Records with the country’s largest off-road tire – VEM 045. The Company offers complete solutions for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, farming, off-road vehicles, and two and three-wheelers.

Various Types of Commercial Tires by JK

Commercial vehicle tires have different types that make for a smooth ride and more remarkable on diverse road conditions. A few of them are as follows:


It offers Good Mileage and Durability

Features & Benefits

  • Deep tread rubber with a unique compound
  • Good traction and water channeling with an aggressive 5 Rib tread pattern
  • Available in sizes
  • 50-15 | 8.25-15


Heavy Duty tires to carry Extra Load Effortlessly

Features & Benefits

  • High Load carrying capacity with a heavy-duty nylon casing
  • Smooth and even tread wear with wider tread for better load distribution
  • Available in sizes
  • 50-16 | 8.25-16


Extra Load Extra Mileage

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced tire life with an advanced tread compound
  • High Load carrying capacity with a robust casing and bead design
  • Available in sizes
  • 00-15 SV | 7.00-16 LV | 7.50-16 | 8.25-16


Super Premium Mileage & Excellent Re-treatability in Normal load operations

Features & Benefits

  • Premium tire mileage with a higher tread depth
  • Excellent re-treatability with unique tread for smooth wear
  • Available in sizes
  • 25-16

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