Laufenn Commercial Tires

History of Laufenn Commercial Tires

Hankook Tire’s global business strategy of sustainable market expansion and growth includes launching the new global brand Laufenn. These products are designed and developed by a separate team and manufactured at Hankook’s factories in Hungary and Indonesia.

Laufenn products are geared toward the European market. They are intended to provide reliability, safety, and an enjoyable driving experience. In contrast, Hankook tires are equipped with cutting-edge technology for premium and OE fitment markets.

To achieve low rolling resistance, high mileage, and good EU label grades, all Laufenn tires are made with a silica-containing tread compound. A special rubber material increases structural stability and durability. Meanwhile, a reinforced cover belt improves stiffness and stability. Furthermore, the Laufenn tires’ square-shaped footprint design improves road contact.

For each model, different tread designs and constructions were considered. Laufenn was introduced in the United States in 2014 and Europe in 2015, with the first three summer products available in the spring of 2016.

What are Commercial Tires?

Typically, commercial tires do not have a precise classification; we will refer to them as commercial tires. Commercial tires have more tread and are made of harder rubber, making them less likely to puncture and making the driver’s journey less pleasant. They are also much more expensive than standard passenger tires due in part to their design and in part to their size.

Commercial Tires available under Laufenn Brand

Commercial Tires play an important role in enhancing the overall on-road performance of your vehicle. Hankook’s anchor company Laufenn has a variety of tires for commercial vehicles; a few of them are as follows:

Laufenn LR01

This all-position tire is made to provide excellent chip and cut resistance in difficult on- and off-road driving situations.

Key Specifications

  • Anti-chip compound in tread area
  • Increased durability through a reinforced bead structure
  • Good traction across a variety surface conditions

Laufenn LR02

For both on- and off-road applications, LR02 is engineered to provide exceptional traction in wet conditions while preserving long lasting wear.

Key Specifications

  • Optimized tread block design provides long, even wear
  • Tread compounds that are chip & cut resistant

Laufenn LR53

This drive tire has excellent durability in both on- and off-road situations and is built to resist cuts and chips.

Key Specifications

  • Ecxcellent chip and cut resistance
  • Directional tread provides high traction

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