Toyo Tires

Tires are considered an essential asset of a vehicle. Without them, we can’t imagine a car moving. Different brands in the market offer a variety of tires, such as Passenger tires, All-season tires and more.

Toyo brand is one of them; this brand is top-notch, providing a different look and appearance to your car or heavy-duty pickup truck. To know more about this brand and its tire inventory, read this page till the end.

A comprehensive detail about Toyo Tires

For 75 years, Toyo Tires has stood for innovation, quality, performance, and exceptional service. The Toyo group of enterprises operates across the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania for development, manufacture, testing, distribution, and marketing.

A super brand, the world’s leading independent adjudicator of branding, has awarded Toyo Tires the Superbrands Malaysia’s Choice Award 2021 (Cars & Allied Product Category). It is just one of many awards that Toyo Tires has received worldwide.

You can get the best-quality Toyo Tires for all automobile vehicles at Ward Tires.

Different types of Toyo Tires

Ward Tires has a variety of Toyo Tires with unique specifications:-

Open Country AT 1

Toyo All-Terrain tires are made for trucks, SUVs, and CUVs. The Open Country A/T is known for its lifespan and durability, providing the traction you need in various circumstances. That’s why they’re so popular with off-roaders who want everyday driving manners, efficiency, aesthetics, and superior off-road grip to conquer any terrain.

Core specifications of Toyo Tires

  • Aggressive sidewalls
  • Open tread blocks
  • Polygonal blocks
  • Zigzag sipes for extra traction
  • LT & flotation sizes with aggressive pattern

With the Open Country A/T ll or ll, you’ll experience reduced road noise, long lifespan, and toughness that help with puncture resistance. Feel equipped to take on dirt, mud, and even some levels of snow.

Open Country R/T

Toyo Tough-Terrain tires have enhanced durability and rugged terrain in any season. They are created entirely in the United States, in a plant in Georgia. The Open Country R/T effortlessly tackles anything from sand and gravel to soft soil and cold conditions.

Key features

  • Wide groove shoulders
  • Scalloped shoulder lugs
  • 3-ply polyester casing
  • Optimized patterns for noise reduction
  • Aggressive sidewall design
  • Hard rubber compounds

The Open Country R/T is an excellent choice for your work vehicle or van since it can withstand hard use and weights while still delivering a comfortable ride.

Open Country M/T

The iconic Open Country M/T is one of the tires that can endure the harshest outdoor conditions on your truck, Jeep, or SUV. This is the pinnacle of off-road traction! They operate well in all seasons and are surprisingly quiet for such an aggressive mud tire.

Tire features

  • 3-ply polyester composition, high turn-up
  • Tread Block Design
  • Open Shoulder Blocks & over the Shoulder Tread
  • Increased load capacity

Enjoy superior mud traction and safety on various terrains, such as snow, gravel, and slippery rocks.

Open Country C/T

Toyo Tires Open Country C/T is an all-terrain light truck/van/SUV tire with commercial-grade durability and all-season capabilities. Ideal for work vehicles, vans, and SUVs that drive long distances, transport high loads, and face various weather and road circumstances.

Tire Features:

  • Dual Angle Shoulder Blocks
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol for severe snow conditions
  • Long-mileage capabilities
  • Pinned for studs
  • Proxes R888

Seeking to test the limits of your car on the track or in competitions? The Proxes R888 is the answer! These DOT competitive Toyo Tires are an excellent choice for improved control and responsive handling, providing an advantage in wet or dry conditions. The Proxes R888 is designed to keep your car stable and safe even in harsh situations.

Core Specifications

  • Enhanced R-compound for maximized grip
  • Unidirectional V-shaped tread design
  • Semi-slick shoulder for better steering responses
  • The casing that is optimized for dry performance
  • Proxes Sport A/S

This ultra-high-performance, all-season Proxes Sport A/S is designed for fast automobiles, high-performance sedans, and luxury vehicles and provides a lively driving experience all year. Special silica ingredients give exceptional braking and traction in wet and dry situations.

Key specifications

  • Equipped with Nano Balance Technology
  • Dynamic taper design
  • Enhanced rib design for more pressure
  • Multi-wave sipes
  • These tires are best suited for evacuating water and slush away from the tire tread.

Key Advantages of Toyo Tires

This all-season tire offers excellent comfort, quiet performance, and sure handling for open-road driving. It is intended for light trucks, SUVs, and crossover vehicles. These tires are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

  • It minimizes uneven wear.
  • It allows for cross-rotation, which reduces erratic wear.
  • It minimizes the noise produced by the road and the tire.
  • It removes water from the system to enhance straight aquaplaning and handling performance.
  • As the tire wears, it continues to help with wet and snow grip.
  • It reduces uneven wear for a smooth and quiet ride.
  • It enhances snow traction.
  • It provides high-quality performance while using low-cost technologies.

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