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Hankook Tire Co., Ltd. is a premium tire manufacturer that produces and distributes tires for automobiles, trucks, coach buses, and other commercial vehicles. Hankook is a trusted tire manufacturer with OE partnerships with vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Toyota, to name a few.

History: Hankook Tire

In 1941, Chosun Tire Company, now known as Hankook Tire, was founded. The tire brand is the first automotive tire business in Korea. They created a vision when the foundations of early industrialization were laid in a nation that lacked the resources to expand effectively.

They continued to be enthusiastic about producing high-quality tires and technologies despite the shortage of resources and facilities until the end of the Korean War.

The Hankook Tire team recovered from the war by working hard across all business areas to establish the groundwork for what the company is today. They took satisfaction in creating Korea’s tire sector. They have a mindset of industrial progress in Korea with their industry and technological advancement. The manufacturing sector served as the Korean economy’s growth engine in the 1960s and ’70s as it expanded quickly alongside it.

Hankook Tire also amazingly advanced alongside Korea due to excellent business practices and a passion for technological knowledge that gave the company a competitive edge in terms of product quality.

Hankook tire was growing in the transportation industry with two of the country’s major highway projects completed. They were the first to develop winter, radial and tubeless tires for passenger cars within Korea.

Hankook Tire achieved tremendous progress in exporting tires to nearby nations around Asia as its quality increased worldwide.

Hankook in the Commercial Market

Hankook tires have been operating for over 13 years in the market of commercial vehicles. The brand begins to distribute nine tire alternatives, separated into two categories: medium and long distance, mixed (on and off-road), and severe applications.

The primary purpose of Hankook tires is to provide stability, security, durability and comfort to vehicles, including buses and trucks. These aspects are essential to deal with bad road conditions and heavy use of vehicles.

Hankook provides tires for vehicles travelling more than 130km/h and over 800km per trip in its market models AL02 and DL05 for the long-distance market. These variants are used in improved road traffic circumstances and at higher speeds.

The brand is currently aiming to compete in the urban area. The AU02W and AU03 models will serve this purpose. Both are recommended for vehicles that travel less than 150 kilometres per trip and 50,000 kilometres annually, continually operating on a town circuit with frequent stops and starts.

Hankook tires are designed to run on routes with up to 10% of dirt roads. They can easily travel up to 150 miles each, along a path from 110 thousand to 150 thousand kilometres per year, driving at low and medium speeds.

Available Hankook Tires

Hankook has a wide range of tires on the market that will fit most cars and driving styles. Choose the version that is most appropriate for you if you want to learn more about them:

For passenger cars: Optimo ME02 (K424), Ventus ME01 (K114), Ventus V12 evo2 (K120), and other tires fall into this category.

For buses or trucks: you could want to take into account the following tires: DM06, e-cube DL10, and Smart Work DM09;

For SUVs: consider the Dynapro AT2 (RF11), Dynapro HP2 (RA33), Dynapro ATM, and other options.

For VAN or Transporters: Some practical and reliable models include the Dynapro HT (RH12), Vantra LT (RA18), etc.

What Are the Most Popular Hankook Tires on the Market?

Hankook Dynapro MT2 RT05

These kinds of Hankook tires are suitable for three season driving and are one of the best all-terrain tires, receiving lots of customer appreciation.

Dry Highways

Muddy terrain tires typically perform poorly on dry roads. Hankook, however, has drastically altered the drawbacks of mud-terrain tires with this new model.

The manufacturer altered the tread design to achieve this result by seamlessly connecting the treads, which improved handling. The Dynapro MT2 has a good grip and is quite responsive, and the product is particularly safe when the stopping distance is not too great.


This kind of Hankook tire can effectively conduct water due to its unique tread design. These tires are also waterproof, easily navigating shallow rivers, and you are secure and at ease.

However, even with the following advantages, the product is not a fantastic option for heavy rainy weather.

Snowy Roads

The Dynapro MT2 is not 3 peak mountain snowflake rated and therefore should not be used in the depths of winter. While they may operate fine in light snow we suggest that you swap for a winter rated tire in time for Alberta winters.

Hankook Kinergy ST H735

Another touring tire made by Hankook is the Kinergy ST H735. However, the product still offers unique characteristics that you must pay attention to when compared to Dynapro MT 2.

Dry Highways

The Hankook Kinergy ST’s excellent handling and precise steering support are its most significant advantages. The Kingergy ST boasts low rolling resistance and abrasion control. They are a true dry weather touring tire.

This tires is best for your typical warm weather cruise in dry conditions.

Wet Roads

Wet situations are one terrain where Wet Kinergy ST performs pretty well.

While it’s possible that the tire handling in this situation won’t be as good as it is in dry terrain, the Kinergy ST has wide circumferential grooves with adequate siping to rid your tire of excess water. Driving safely in rainy weather is relatively easy with this tire installed on your vehicle.

Snowy Highways

The Kinergy ST might be able to handle light snow; however, we experience severe winters here in Canada and we recommend that you buy specific winter tires to get you through the snow and sub zero temperatures.

Why Should You Choose Ward Tires For Hankook Tires?

If you are looking for a new set of Hankook tires, consider purchasing yours at Ward Tire. Our team of knowledgable service advisors and technicians are happy to help you decide which set is right for your vehicle, driving habits, and the climate you live in. Once you’ve chosen your new tires we’ll book you in for a tire installation.

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