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Michelin Tires Available at Ward Tire

Michelin tires are not only decent but also exceptional. They offer high-performance tires for every vehicle and application. Michelin tires are still among the best available, coming in second to Bridgestone as the world’s largest tire business.

About Michelin

Michelin tire development has been an exciting journey of discovery. In the 1890s, Andre and Edouard Michelin exclusively made tires for bicycles and horse-drawn carriages before developing tires for vehicles.

The Michelin brothers were certain that pneumatic tire innovation could be improved and used in vehicles. Because tire and wheel technologies were new then, this concept spurred the brothers to develop new technology.

They finished last in the competition. However, their concept piqued the interest of many motor vehicle enthusiasts and became a topic of conversation during the competition. The Michelin brothers developed their abilities as they ushered in a new era of wheel creation, and their prediction eventually came true.

André Michelin, in addition to producing tires, published the “Book Michelin,” an annual travel guide that identified the best restaurants in each nation and outlined how to get there.

The History of Tires

Automobiles, trucks, buses, bicycles, and airplanes require greater friction to turn, climb, accelerate, and brake; thus, they utilize rubber tires, which give high friction and some cushioning. There are two kinds of rubber tires:

Solid Tires

In 1881, the first solid tires were used on the wheels of London hansom taxis. They were once employed for various road vehicles, but they have since vanished from highways due to regulations that forbade their usage due to their harshness on roadways.

Solid tires are frequently bonded directly to the wheel or a metal band placed to the wheel’s perimeter.

Pneumatic Tires

The pneumatic tire is meant to hold and restrain pressurized air by providing a flexible cover with a waterproof liner. This cover has a rubber tread part designed to endure the cutting and abrasive wear of road contact while protecting the tire from puncture and air loss.

Unlike a solid rubber or cushion tire, such construction cannot bear weight or absorb shocks. It is completely reliant on the compressed air stored within it to function.

Types of Michelin Tires

Michelin offers a diverse range of passenger tires to meet every performance requirement. From daily driving to high-performance driving in racing championships.

Michelin Passenger Tires


The Michelin Defender is a collection of tire styles suitable for any vehicle. The Defender has great tread life and durability, which is unrivaled by most of their tire portfolio or other tire manufacturers.


Primacy’s main attraction is its tire, made for highway cruising, as it offers excellent cornering capabilities on any surface for sedans, coupes, and crossovers.


The Premier is the Primacy’s replacement, offering the same characteristics but enhanced braking, traction, and comfort levels.

Pilot Sport

The Pilot Sport was designed for sports automobiles, as the name implies. These tires perform admirably, particularly in street and racetrack conditions.

Cross Climate

The tire for all seasons, the Cross Climate, is perfect for any weather or road condition.

Latitude and Alpin

These tires were specifically engineered and constructed to be in the harshest of snowy road conditions. An excellent family of winter tires through and through.

Why are Michelin Tires so important?

  • Safety

Most tires perform well in ordinary scenarios, but their variances become apparent under extreme conditions.

So, how can you ensure that your tires are ready for anything? Employ tires that operate well in the toughest weather or on the most difficult roads.

  • Improved stability

Compared to dual tires, MICHELIN X One tires extend vehicle track width for improved stability. They also offer a larger footprint for superior traction.

  • Durability

Durability is frequently a great indication of whether a brand’s automobile tires are worthwhile. Aside from being cost-effective, they may save a car owner from regularly changing tires due to numerous tire deterioration concerns.

  • Fuel Efficiency

MICHELIN X One® tires can help lower your fuel bill. TWO Sidewalls instead of FOUR + Advanced Tread and Casing Technology Up to 30% Rolling Resistance Reduction.

Purchasing Michelin Tires at Ward Tire

If you are planning to buy Michelin Tires for your car, SUV or light truck,  it is vital to get in touch with the professionals at Ward Tire. We will guide you in the right direction when selecting suitable tires while providing excellent customer service. Alternatively, search through our selection of tires by using our online tire finder tool.