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An Overview of Bridgestone Tire Company

Bridgestone Americas is descended from two renowned companies: the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, founded in August 1900 in Akron, Ohio, by Harvey Firestone, and the Bridgestone Tire Company Ltd., founded in Japan in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi.

Bridgestone Corporation purchased Firestone in 1988, combining the two companies’ operations to form the world’s largest tire and rubber company. Bridgestone Americas established its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1992 as part of its integration with Bridgestone’s existing U.S. operations.

Bridgestone Americas is now an international family of businesses with over 50 manufacturing facilities and over 55,000 employees across the Americas.

Bridgestone is dedicated to remaining a global leader in tire technology. We provide world-class service, and being an outstanding corporate citizen in the communities where we live and work. Bridgestone’s culture and mission are still rooted in the words of founder Shojiro Ishibashi, who stated that the company is committed to “serving society with superior quality.”

Why Bridgestone?

Constant Innovation

Bridgestone is deeply invested in tire quality improvement and conducts regular experiments. Bridgestone, a multinational corporation, has dedicated quality control processes to ensure high-quality tires.


Every Bridgestone customer has two options for limited warranties on their tires. The first is a three-year guarantee plan. The second is a three-year plan with a 65,000 km validity period.


Unlike luxury tire brands such as Michelin and Pirelli, Bridgestone offers tires at a lower cost without sacrificing quality.


The tires are worth the money because they last longer than cheap tires and perform well on all terrains.


Bridgestone is committed to sustainability, and between 2005 and 2018, the tire’s rolling resistance was reduced by 21%. As a result, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions decreased, benefiting the environment. The tires are also lighter, which reduces the amount of material used in production.

Tires Offered by Bridgestone, Available at Ward

Bridgestone Tires can be classified as under:

Well-balanced performance tires

Our well-balanced tires outperform all previous models in terms of response. They make longer rides appear most comfortable, thanks to smart street-style performance.

The tire is an effortless blend of speed stability, subtle road noise, sedan and safety sports coupe safety, and handling.

Fuel efficiency

Our fuel-efficient tires feature nanoparticle technology that protects against excessive heating and a low-rolling resistance quality that provides excellent fuel economy. Straight main grooves mobilize efficient water dispersal from beneath while improving wet grips. The tire provides excellent control and handling thanks to O-Bead integrated technology.

The tire tread pattern has been specifically optimized to improve road grip while also improving braking and cornering capabilities. There are also high void grip adaptations and micro adaptive compounds ideal for wet and dry grips, paving the way for a comfortable and cozy ride.

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On & Off-Road Tires

A strong grip on dry and wet roads is required for off-road wheels. In addition, other factors we’ve considered are puncture resistance, vehicle load ratings, off-road grips, and more.

Our off-road tires can transport vehicles over boulders, rocks, dirt, sand, snow, and mud. Irregular and uneven terrain is no longer an issue with these tires. The tires also have reinforced sidewalls for increased puncture resistance.

Performance Tires

We have the best-performing tires engineered to meet the needs of all drivers looking for the most thrilling rides. It has rubber compounds and unique tread patterns.

Our performance tires are known for their extreme precision, winning control, high traction, and responsiveness. Overall, it improves the quality of everyday driving. Our tires are the best option for exploring the limits of performance vehicles and sports cars.

Comfort Tires

The comfort and quiet tire range were created with luxury tourism in mind. It allows you to sit and enjoy a quiet and peaceful ride. The ability to drive through wet and dry lands for a safe and comfortable ride without sacrificing caution is important to us. With minimal sacrifice to handling, our tires guarantee improved comfort for those long rides on the road.

There is a lot of grip in the vertices and corners, which are very responsive to steering wheel inputs. The braking distance and speed stability are outstanding. The noise level is extremely low to zero, irrespective of driving speed.

Dependable Passenger Tires

Bridgestone’s reliable passenger tires feature wide shoulder grooves for excellent dry handling, high and low-angle slots for efficient wet and dry handling, and ply control on sidewalls for resistance over rough roads. We’ve optimized 3D block shapes to improve constructability and stiffness, and winding grooves for stimulated hydroplaning. For all of these great features, reliable passenger tires are the way to go.

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