Best Summer Tires At Ward TIRECRAFT

Best Summer Tires at Ward TIRECRAFT

When the temperature rises and summer driving conditions are in full swing, having the best summer tires on your vehicle can make all the difference. At Ward TIRECRAFT, with over 15 locations across Alberta and Saskatchewan, we understand the needs of drivers seeking great performance, safety, and comfort on the road.

Summer tires, often known as performance tires, are designed specifically to handle the challenges of warm-weather driving. They ensure optimal traction and control on both dry and wet roads. Let’s examine the key features that make summer tires an excellent choice for your vehicle.

Understanding Summer Tires

Summer tires are specially crafted with rubber compounds that provide superior grip and stability in warmer conditions. Unlike all-season tires, which are designed to perform adequately in various weather conditions, summer tires focus on providing exceptional performance in specific conditions. This specialized design makes them ideal for drivers who prioritize handling, braking, and cornering performance during the summer months.

Key Features Of Summer Tires

Rubber Compounds

The rubber compounds used in summer tires are formulated to remain flexible in high temperatures. This flexibility allows the tires to conform to the road surface, providing better contact and, consequently, better traction. This is important for maintaining control and ensuring safety, especially during high-speed driving or sudden maneuvers.

Tread Design

The tread design of summer tires is another critical factor contributing to their performance. These tires typically feature shallower grooves and more substantial tread blocks compared to all-season tires. This design helps maximize the contact patch with the road, enhancing grip and stability. Additionally, the tread pattern is optimized to expel water quickly, reducing the risk of hydroplaning and improving wet performance.

Performance On Dry And Wet Roads

Summer tires are engineered to deliver outstanding performance on both dry and wet roads. The specialized rubber compounds and tread design work together to provide excellent traction and handling in dry conditions while maintaining reliable wet performance. This dual capability ensures that drivers can enjoy a smooth and controlled ride, regardless of the weather.

Advantages Of Summer Tires

Enhanced Steering Response

One of the standout benefits of summer tires is their enhanced steering response. The precise and responsive handling makes them a preferred choice for sports cars and high-performance vehicles. This responsiveness gives drivers a better sense of control, making driving more enjoyable and safer.

Shorter Braking Distances

Summer tires are known for their shorter braking distances compared to other tire types. The superior grip and traction provided by the rubber compounds and tread design mean that your vehicle can come to a stop more quickly, which is crucial for avoiding accidents and ensuring safety.

Fuel Efficiency

Summer tires can also contribute to better fuel efficiency. The reduced rolling resistance of these tires means that less energy is required to keep your vehicle moving, leading to improved fuel economy. This is a significant advantage for drivers looking to save on fuel costs during long summer road trips.

Popular Summer Tire Models

Michelin Pilot Sport

Among the various options available, the Michelin Pilot Sport series stands out as a top choice for performance tires. Known for its excellent dry and wet performance, the Michelin Pilot Sport offers great performance for drivers seeking a balance of handling, comfort, and durability. Its advanced tread compound and innovative tread pattern ensure superior traction and long tread life.

Continental Extreme Contact Sport

Another popular choice is the Continental ExtremeContact Sport, which delivers impressive performance on both dry and wet roads. Its tread design is optimized for maximum grip and stability, while high-performance rubber compounds provide excellent durability and reliability.

Pirelli P Zero

The Pirelli P Zero is renowned for its exceptional performance in both dry and wet conditions. This tire is designed with a unique tread pattern that enhances wet performance while maintaining excellent handling and stability on dry roads. The P Zero is a favourite among sports car enthusiasts for its high performance and reliable traction.

Choosing The Right Summer Tires

When selecting a set of summer tires, it’s essential to consider your driving habits, the type of vehicle you drive, and the conditions you typically encounter. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Assess Your Driving Needs

Think about how and where you drive. If you frequently drive on highways or enjoy spirited driving on winding roads, performance tires with enhanced steering response and grip will be beneficial.

Consider The Climate

While summer tires are designed for warm weather, it’s important to consider your area’s specific climate. If you often encounter wet roads, look for tires with excellent wet performance ratings.

Check Reviews And Ratings

Research tire reviews and ratings to see how different models perform in various conditions. This can provide valuable insights into the tread life, braking distance, and overall performance of the tires you’re considering.

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Whether you’re looking for enhanced performance, improved safety, or better fuel efficiency, our wide range of summer tires have you covered. Visit us today and experience the difference that high-quality summer tires can make for your driving experience.