YOKOHAMA S.DRIVE (AS01) 245/40R18 S.DRIVE (AS01) in Calgary

245/40R18 S.DRIVE (AS01)


Model: S.DRIVE (AS01)

Part No.# F1490

Description: High Performance and Long Lasting. Have you got a Powerful Car that Eats Up its tyres The Yokohama S.Drive can deal with all the Horsepower and Punishment you can dish out, then says Is that all you've got It suits High Horsepower Cars with big Wheels that Require Low Profile tyres. It's Ideal for Demanding Drivers and Performance Cars like AMG Mercedes, HSV and SS Holdens, XR6 Turbo and XR8 Falcons, Nissan GTRs, Subaru WRX and Sti as well as Mitsubishi Evo.

Tire Specs

Section Width: 245

Aspect Ratio: 40

Rim Size: 18