YOKOHAMA C.DRIVE2 (AC02) 215/45R17 C.DRIVE2 (AC02) in Calgary

215/45R17 C.DRIVE2 (AC02)


Model: C.DRIVE2 (AC02)

Part No.# F4447

Description: The C.drive2 is for a Step Up from the It offers Better Handling for Every Day Motorists or Families looking for a Safe Feel and Secure Grip on Wet Roads. Released in 2011 it was the First Yokohama Road tyre to Benefit from Yokohama's Fuel Saving and Eco-Friendly Orange Oil Technology. Suits Hatchbacks, Medium Size Sedans, People Movers and Vehicles with Sports or Luxury pack Upgrades.

Tire Specs

Section Width: 215

Aspect Ratio: 45

Rim Size: 17